FloodPros has helped thousands of residential and commercial property owners throughout the country over the years. Every disaster cleanup brings a new obstacle that needs to be overcome to ensure that our job is done right and our customers are satisfied. We treat each circumstance the same no matter whom or what the circumstance is. We provide leading restoration services using our IICRC trained professionals. Some of our work stands out in terms of both size and the obstacles we had to overcome to satisfy the client’s needs. Here are some of our past projects: You can also read some of our many testimonials by visiting that section of our site as well.











Water spill throughout 22,750 sq foot in factory and adjoining offices for 4 hour straight.

The main supply line that runs overhead the Amphenol factory in Endicott New York burst spilling water throughout the 22,750 sq foot factory and the adjoining offices for 4 hours until it was discovered.

The issue was not discovered until an MIS Manager came in due to a high temperature alarm he was receiving in the mainframe room. Once there, he summoned the fire department for help, they were able to turn the line off and immediately recommended that Amphenol call us.

The call came from the factory superintendent at 10pm. The initial estimate was 5,000 sq feet of damage. We would soon find out the actual number with offices was in the areas of 24,500 sq feet. We had multiple teams on site working, and by 2am Sunday morning all the standing water had been removed. By 4am we had over 100 air movers and over 30 dehumidifiers on the factory floor drying the cement floor.

Our teams raced to save all of the dry wall successfully. Luckily, Amphenol had an updated power system so power supply was never an issue. We were able to use all units on the highest levels to ensure a rapid drying out. The main area of focus shifted to the offices that house the engineers for Amphenol, all of which were under strict time deadlines for their current projects. The deadline for us was clear – be out of those offices by 6:30am Monday morning.

Our project managers came up with an aggressive plan that involved rapid dehumidification, multiple carpet cleanings and around the clock cleaning technicians. By 4am Monday morning the offices were ready for the arrival of workers, by late Tuesday our efforts to completely restore the factory portion of the property were complete.

The end result – Amphenol having zero downtime due to the pipe burst.



Drying out a detention facility fast, under rigorous restrictions, and without closing it down.

No matter what the damage is, there is zero possibility for a detention to close down for the day.

When Collier County Juvenile Detention Center experienced a hot water tank bust that sent water throughout the facility, they knew they needed help that could comply with their rigorous restrictions.

Beyond the obvious security issues, drying and power was a challenge as many wings and areas of the jail did not have power outlets or had doors that had to close in order for another door to open. Our Large CAT team had equipment set in the main areas in hours and the jail was drying fast. We kept multiple technicians on hand around the clock to move equipment to these hard to reach areas when security allowed. We adapted our dry out period to that of the inmates schedule.

The result was a longer drying period but with the same end result – zero deconstruction, no mold and a dry facility.

FloodPros earned the praise of several state officials for their planning and execution of a successful mitigation strategy under the most difficult restrictions.



Drying out a theatre with recently installed custom carpets, repair gold trim, and prevent future mold problems.

The call came in at 4am – the CineGrille Movie Plex in Bonita Springs was flooded. Worst yet, the damage was extensive.

Our project manager was on site in 20 minutes. He was only in the building for 1 minute when he radioed back to bring multiple commercial division trucks, generator power and the trailer mounted decedent dehumidifier.

At some point the night before, the main line in the west wing burst open dumping water on the ground for hours. Water flowed down halls, under the stadium bleachers, into the concession areas and throughout bathrooms.



Entire school flooded Friday night that needed to be dried up and ready to go for classes Monday morning.

Tampa Florida was pounded by rain in August 2012. Enough rain that rising water in certain areas of the city led to evacuations.

At about 4pm our phones rang with the Dean of Students from Debartolo Charter School asking us what the wait list looked like for flood assistance.

At that point they hadn’t taken on water yet but it was imminent. We prioritized the project based on it being an educational center and sent our Large CAT team there. They were on site in 45 minutes.

In that time the entire school had taken on water. This was a Friday afternoon, our team quickly understood that our deadline was Monday morning, when classes were to resume.

We rotated in technicians to work around the clock for 63 hours. At 8am Monday morning, when the first bell rang, the only indication we were ever there were a couple dehumidifiers that were finishing off some of the worse hit areas in the hallways.

The project called for 121 air movers and 3 truck mount extractors. The Dean of the school could not thank us enough.

Downtime for the students was zero!



Large new construction flooded, new materials being ruined, and construction crew working simultaneously with our disaster relief team.

In 2011, we received a call from a construction company asking a simple question “can you guys remove a large amount of water?” They were in the middle of a massive new construction project and came to the jobsite to find the entire building filled with about 3 inches of water. The building – the new Keiser University main building in Ft Myers Florida. We were on site in 30 minutes to meet with the project manager. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t the only problem.

Two days earlier they had put in all the new drywall on the first floor and the water had already wicked up the walls 5 inches. Our team was now in a race against time.

To make matters worse, the building didn’t have power yet.

Within the hour we had two trailer mounted generators on site and multiple truck mounted extractors removing the water as fast as possible. We began dehumidification at once and had work teams working both sides of the building and a third team in the middle entry area to ensure we worked as fast as possible and there was no overcrowding.

The construction company was on a very tight deadline so their crews continued to work as well – safety became a top priority.

From the time we received the call at 9:30am till noon, the water was gone, dehumidification was starting and we had diagnosed the source - a storm drain line that was never opened up.

Our crews worked for 22 hours straight to get setup and drying. The entire structure was dried and brought down to a below average humidity level within 72 hours which was much appreciated by all involved including the construction company, Keiser University and the insurance adjuster.



Flooded township with excess of mud and water removal.

The Mohawk Valley consists of a group of towns settled between two high mountains in the central New York area. One of the towns, the Clinton Township, called us to come to the aid of their municipal center. The center which included multiple buildings had all been affected by runoff water from the mountains and river. We had teams on hand within the hour beginning the long cleanup process which started with pumping out standing water.

We did a complete cleanup, deconstruction and put in new drywall and floors. Within two weeks, the entire town’s government was back on its feet.

While we were in the area, we assisted numerous other families in their flood damage cleanup. Water damage was mostly found in basements and in the homes lower levels. Unfortunately, the damage was not limited to just flood water. Most of the homes had up to five feet of mud lodged in their basements. As this posed a seriours health concern, all of this mud had to be removed.

The process of extracting mud was a lengthy and laborious. Once removed, we were able to implement mold prevention steps, dehumidification and structural drying to get all home owners ready to begin structural repairs.



Nursing home submerged by water - over 20,000 sq feet. Patients routine were not to be interrupted.

Oakbrook Health Center is a beautiful nursing home that sits up on the hill in Oakbrook Illinois outside of Chicago. Inside, families are able to take comfort that their loved ones are being treated in a top level nursing home with activities, a kind staff and a warm home like atmosphere.

On April 2013, the flooding in Chicago caused the dementia unit level to be submerged in flood water throughout its 20,000 plus sq feet. Oak Brook Health called FloodPros right away to get in there and help. Our team was already in the area handling insurance referral work for residents, and we were able to mobilize our Large CAT team onsite within the hour.

Every room in the 20,000 square feet was damaged by the water. Due to the high level security setup of equipment and power, this made it for a challenging situation. Our team worked hard and fast in order to ensure that the patients daily routines were not interfered with.

The dry out took a total of 7 days and through that whole time, patients, nursing staff and rehabilitation staff were able to stay on the same level that was affected by the flood. How? FloodPros kept 5 full time experts on site around the clock to ensure that the clients did not harm themselves with all of the equipment and cords.

The final step in returning the floor to the center was a late night antimicrobial scrub of the floors and walls. We brought in 20 technicians that night to ensure that we were complete by the time the clients woke up the next day.

What seemed like an impossible situation to start ended up being a smooth mitigation process due to the experience and planning of our project managers.



Super Storm damages including 10 feet of water damage, to missing roofs, entire basements and cellars filled with sand up to the ceilings in both commercial and residential areas.

As Super Storm Sandy took a direct path towards New Jersey and New York City. Our teams were waiting prepared to help right away.

We were immediately called into the Seaside Heights area - one of the worst hit areas of all.

Damages to both residential and commercial properties varied from 10 feet of water damage, to missing roofs, entire basements and cellars filled with sand up to the ceilings.

Our teams handled hundreds of calls in the 90 days battling not only the damage but the continuing weather issues that included rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

Until this day, we receive calls from our clients up there who we now consider friends. Many of them share their thoughts on how amazed they were regarding how fast and efficiently our teams worked in cleaning up their properties.

We returned to the area to assist home and business owners in mold cleanup who were not able to get help early on. Our efforts in cleanup in New York and New jersey are ongoing.