Navigating a homeowner’s insurance claim for your flood or storm damage can be a daunting task and very complicated. Our professionals have years of training and experience in handling insurance claims in order to ensure your claim is handled and documented correctly from start to finish.

All policies have different stipulations, however, one that is consistent amongst all policies is that you as the property owner “will mitigate any further damage of the property.” Plainly, this requires that you to take action as soon as you see the damage and to prevent further damage.

FloodPros documents your damages as soon as they enter the property using photographs, videos, moisture readings and logs and thermal imaging. All of this data is constantly being organized to be provided to your insurance company upon request.

Once an adjuster is assigned to your claim, we work directly with him/her to identify all of the damages and risks and to ensure all situations are addressed at once. This ensures you will be back in your home or business as fast as possible.

All of our work is documented using Xactimate. Xactimate is the software universilly used by all insurance companies. This means that your insurance company is able to work directly off of our data we are providing. This eliminates any delays and insures your insurance company will supply you with the funds you need when you need them.

Homeowners and business owners we assist are always surprised how much faster they are able to be back in their homes or businesses in comparison to others because our smooth communication and assistance with the insurance companies. We have direct communication lines with all insurance companies to provide them with anything they need around the clock. Furthermore we make hard copies of all information for your records and can certify our work for both you and your insurance company.


Even if you are insured for floods and storms, your insurance company will likely NOT cover future mold problems if you don’t deal with it as the disaster occurs.

Insurances require that you to take action as soon as you see the damage and to prevent further damage.